Sky7Ventures provides provide entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to develop and bring their startup idea to the next stage of development. We provide these companies unparalleled support in design, recruiting, marketing, and more. We believe the companies can be physically located anywhere, as long as they solve a real world problem, now. If you have a “painkiller” business, we want to help you grow.

We have a very diverse set of Advisors, Mentors and Investors, and encourage the same diversity in companies. This ecosystem of cool people and environment makes the working fun and help dramatically increase your chances of success.

Meet the Advisors

Being an advisor entails:

  • • Allowing us to list you on our website and collateral as an advisor,

  • • A willingness to donate up to 5 hours of consulting services each month to companies in the incubator,

  • • Participating in important events,

  • • Helping us from time-to-time with strategic planning, problem solving and our own business development, and

  • • Helping promote the incubator Globally.

Advisors can pick and choose the companies you would work with. Advisors are in full control of setting your meeting schedule and place with clients.

Our hope is that you and the client will build a trusted and long lasting relationship. As these companies get off the ground and grow, that they will have the ability to pay for your post-incubation consulting services.