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Our Domestic and International Partners give us the capabilities of providing processing with all major card providers and payment solutions offered. Contact us today to take advantage of our global network and partners.


Secure, Easy Integration, and 24/7 Service

DMS has a global network that allows you to reach the world and share your product and services with the world. With our worldwide online payment solutions watch your sales and revenue crush forecast and projections. Contact us today to tap the opportunities the worldwide web offers!

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Secure, Fast, and Customer Friendly

Our team works hard to assure secure, fast, and customer service friendly payment solutions for your customers and employees. We understand a happy customer is a repeat customer and a productive employee is a profitable employee.

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Quick, Easy, and Secure

Our mobile payment solutions allow your customers to have constant access to make purchases from their mobile devise. This generates addition revenue and allows customers to have access to their favorite merchant.

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Virtual Cards

Open and Closed Loop Prepaid Card Programs

DMS offers open and closed loop prepaid cards from Visa, Master, and Discover. We have access to USD, CAD, and EU cards. These cards are great for customer loyalty programs, customer retention, and prospecting for new customers. Please contact us today to learn more about our Prepaid card Programs.

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